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We make every moment of your stay perfect, looking for experiences designed for your profile, from producers of regional wines and olive oils to adventure tourism on wheels or UTV Off Road or else, yoga practice or reservations at the best restaurants in the region and visits to best parks to enjoy as a family to try the best fondue in the midst of nature at Fire Place. You can also enjoy treatments at the SPA or simply enjoy the sunset with a picnic in the mountains on the property. Our concierge takes care of every detail for you.


Book a fondue with exclusive service at the hotel's main fireplace, at Fire Place, or at your accommodation. We have three delicious options: Cheese Fondue, Serra da Mantiqueira Fondue and Chocolate Fondue.



Open-air ground fire is certainly an experience. Ideal for good moments of relaxation with delicious appetizers, wine or fondue.


Fogo de Chão Küche

Very close to the restaurant and with the exclusivity of receiving only 2 couples or groups of up to 6 people. Our historic Fogo de Chão is over 50 years old, making the nights at the property even warmer and more charming. You can choose to have a wine and choose some of our appetizers or even order a fondue. Totally renovated in 2021, our fast court is an invitation to be in the middle of nature practicing the favorite sport of many guests. The hotel encourages people interested in playing games.


The most frequented spot by our little guests and teenagers alike, always accompanied by the recreation team or family. It is the meeting point on sunny days. Surrounded by nature, it is completely renovated, receiving the most fun games.
Totally renovated in 2021, our fast court is an invitation to be in the middle of nature practicing the favorite sport of many guests. The hotel encourages people interested in playing games.


A água na temperatura perfeita em qualquer época do ano (em média 36º no inverno).



The two steam rooms, dry and wet, have a view of the main pool area through large glass panes. Also, part of the structure are rooms and showers, bringing comfort and practicality to our guests.



Espaço exclusivo para adultos, com um deck coberto de madeira com um maravilhoso lounge e piscina aquecidos a céu aberto, em meio a natureza. O espaço também pode ser reservado para aulas de yoga particulares, em dupla ou grupo, assim como para pequenos eventos.


Cine Ort

With the technology of the best cinemas in the world (4K ULTRA HD), our guest can enjoy open or private sessions, specially reserved for a couple, group of friends or family. The whole experience has 20 seats, waiter service and a special menu. More than 100 movies (in ULTRA HD) are available for private sessions.



Open to guests from 7 pm every day with only 35 seats, Musik has a live show on specific dates (check the schedule) or at all times with a big screen with the best shows in the world recorded. The drinks menu is a spectacle on its own, under the command of the most famous bartender in town, Wagner. The look of the bar is another great attraction of the place, mixing Japanese and European influences, with 450 cubes on the ceiling and an air-conditioned cellar that stores bottles from the hotel's extensive wine list.



Our off-road option with a 1-hour tour for up to 3 people on trails, passing through incredible landscapes, always accompanied by an instructor/guide. You can drive or just enjoy the ride. Two options of scenery await you, with unforgettable and exclusive views that will take your breath away.
Tour subject to availability.



Hotel offers mountain biking for adults and children to cycle through the nature of the region.



Oben and Weg provide nature walks from the property to the top of the mountain with delightful sunset experiences.



To enjoy nature even more, a picnic in the mountains or gardens of the property is an experience not to be missed. Check the basket options available and book in advance.
We can organize a Sunrise (5 am) or an exclusive breakfast (10 am, also a lunch (1 pm) or even a sunset at the end of the day! There are four different spaces to enjoy this experience.



The Dawn from the top of the mountain is definitely one of the most incredible moments that can be experienced here in Ort. Accompanied by a delicious breakfast and campfire for you to be warm.


Leaving inside the property, tours are offered for groups of adults and/or children through the region's nature.



Our little farm is a space designed for the contact of children and animals such as: ducks, teals, goats, lion-headed rabbits and guinea pigs. With all the necessary structure and monitoring of biologists. It also has space for lunch or snacks for small groups!


Famous for being the best recreation team in the country, ORT is proud to see several generations enjoy unforgettable moments. The leisure structure has an indoor and air-conditioned playroom, outdoor play ground, sports court, tennis court, grass football court, indoor climbing and incredible trails.



Toys from the 70's totally renovated, with the essence of wood, tires, bridges and the big toy, this outdoor space provides amazing moments for our little guests and their families.

Circuito Berg Explora

Natureza e aventura unidas em um circuito suspenso em araucárias centenárias: 3 etapas de arvorismo seguidas por 2 tirolesas de 30 metros e finalizando com um rapel guiado a 20 metros do chão. Emoção e frio na barriga são garantidos nessa experiência


Para os amantes de vinhos, cultivamos mudas trazidas da Itália, e em breve, nossos hóspedes degustarão rótulos exclusivos de Pinot Noir e Chardonnay, produzidos na propriedade. Os Weinbergs 1 e 2, proporcionam uma caminhada encantadora e piqueniques deliciosos.

Fábrica de azeite e água

Água fresca direto das montanhas. Extraída da fonte natural do hotel a nossa água passa por todo processo de filtragem, esterilização e engarrafamento até chegar a você, esse processo acontece em nossa Fábrica. E, a fim de reduzir o uso de plástico, nossas garrafas são reutilizáveis e esterilizadas diariamente.
Nossos hóspedes podem acompanhar a produção do nosso azeite de abacate, também produzido e engarrafado na propriedade.

Berg Explora

Aventure-se pela natureza da Serra da Mantiqueira. Explore a natureza exuberante e contemple vistas incríveis por meios de trilhas que levam a pontos famosos da região, como a Trilha da Pedra do Baú e da Pedra Ana Chata.

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